Monday, December 31, 2012

More Happy, Les Misérables (or "Musical Movies and Why I Don't Get Them")

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My hand to God, none of the four different counter people I talked to knew how to pronounce Les Misérables in the proper French. At least they all pronounced it the same way.

Back in '08 and up until '10, I went through a bit of a French phase. My Facebook was in French, I played French language learning games, had IM chats in French with friends whose responses would lag a bit because of their ctrl+tabbing between the open chat window and Google Translate and hoping my swift (and admittedly, broken) French responses would perhaps impress on them the inkling that maybe I did know how to parle français.

Did you know that the French language contributes a lot to the English language through food? Mutton, beef, veal, restaurant, café, sauté, chiffonade, pâté, are all French contributions to the language of the current lingua franca.

The French gave us good bread, cheeses, a cool art style to stain windows with, quirky poignant animated filmselectronic music that don't suck, and most importantly, the first Muslim BatmanThey also have a rich history with the old Hundred Years' War thing and the French Revolution and what. So I'm a bit of a francophile is what I'm trying to say.

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